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From the makers of the Saleen Light Bar comes our custom made roll bar styled Light Bars with an convertible light barintegrated LED brake light and a quick 2 hour install.

Click the links to check out pictures and pricing:

- Mitsubishi Eclipse light bar
- Chrysler Sebring light bar
- Pontiac Firebird light bar
- Chevy Camaro light bar
- Pontiac Trans Am light bar
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MOD'05 - Mitsubishi Owners Day - APRIL 23rd
Mitsubishi HQ at 6420 W. Katella, Cypress, CA

Deft Racing is proud to be selected as the offical information HQ for this amazing event that is sure to set a new precedent for Mitsubishi fanatics in Socal and beyond. This meet will surely draw from all over California and beyond!
Check back here for all updates and additions as we have SocalRob on lockdown for all the latest info!

April 7th, 2005 Update- Vendors Announced
Here's the list of vendors attending who have purchased booths.

BOZZ (Cusco)
Rockford Fosgate
APR Performance
XS Engineering
Volk wheels
GT Pro Performance
B&M shifters
DAZZ Motorsports
D3 Designs
Yokohama .

April 7th, 2005 Update- Parking layout for MOD announced.

Here's the parking layout for MOD'05.

Click to make it Ginourmous. It will open up in another window, and then you can print it out.

April 5th, 2005 Update
A word from Mitsu R&D:

" We at Mitsubishi R&D are fully committed to this event. We are funding this thing completely from our own budget, and the guys in our studio are spending their own free time putting this together. This is truly a labor of love for all of us, and we hope to see as many Mitsu owners as possible enjoy themselves at MOD '05. Expect to see concept cars, top aftermarket vendors and some amazing Mitsubishi vehicles from all eras. Not to mention, the chance to "come home" and socialize with fellow Mitsu enthusiasts from all over. As the time gets closer, the whole studio is getting more excited about this event. I think we have a chance to help bring the whole company closer the people who actually buy our product."

-Brent Mitsu R&D

March 11, 2005 Update

Some more info fellas, we confirmation that some VERY big names in performance parts will be there, about 10 for sure. I dont know if I am allowed to release who they are, but I'll tell you that we have a confirmation from them that they are coming. Odds are, you have their performance parts on your car. Also, with the food situation, Mitsu has booked an independent provider because INO was asking for a head count to prep, and of course, we dont have a finalized head count, that would be nearly impossible at this point in time. This company says they are providing Hot dogs, burgers, mexican food, all that good stuff, BUT NOT FREE. It will be cheap though.

I am telling you guys right now, and I know I've said it already, but OMFG this thing is getting SO big!. Surge and I were noticing that on nearly EVERY mitsu enthusiast board you will see the MOD banners. I am asking that all of you attending from this board represent well, and PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE dont do anything stupid! i.e. burnouts, racing, anything that would get you pulled over by a cop. This event was setup to be a car show, and we want it to be a great one, but if Cypress PD see's anything happening that even remotely looks like someone is being a dumbass, then the event will be ruined. The city of cypress knows about our event, permits are being worked out due to the size of this meet. So please, I reitterate, be on your best behavior.

That is all for now, more updates to come!

-SoCal Rob

Saturday, Feb 9th, 2005- Anaheim, CA.

The Mitsubishi R&D USA is going to throw an event that will invite any mitsu powered, preferably modified car to it's Headquarters for an official Mitsubishi Owners Day.

This is an event for DSMs, Starions, Montero, Colt, FTO, 3000 GT, 3rd Gen, 4th Gen Eclipse, Evos, Stealth, Dodge Raider, Plymouth Arrow, Sedia, Grey market cars, Galants etc.... ALL. Off road, drag, track, street, custom, rally,.. it's all good.

Here's what's official:

MOD'05 APRIL 23rd,.. Mitsubishi HQ at 6420 W. Katella, Cypress, CA

Yes the 23rd NOT the 16th

The R&D design courtyard/showroom will open to all with a design process display, concept cars, production cars (EVO IX, Gen4 Eclipse, Raider)

This event was initiated by SoCal Rob and Mitsu USA R&D (where some of the fringe element of car culture dwell), though it is wholly by Mitsubishi for the tuner Mitsubishi faithful.

Here's what's still being worked out or needed:
Magazine coverage, tuner shops, tuner wear, maybe a dyno (depends on the rumor of XS Engineering or someone having a portable one) SoCal Rob is in contact with AEM to get some of their sponsored vehicles out to this meet as well as raffles/giveaways. Car show awards, design office special t-shirts hand outs

Why are they doing this?
Simple R&D guys are young late twenties early thirties car guys that like what we like.
The idea is. If Ford, Chevy, GM can have a grassroots car following and support it through factory performance parts, books, special edition cars as they have for the last 45 years; why can't Mitsu USA.

The idea is to show the bean counters, marketing, and general design teams at Mitsu USA that people want the same factory support and have the same passion for cars as those owners of Corvette, Neon SRT-4, Viper, Camaro, and Mustang do.

Bottom line is it's a chance to show Mitsu USA what we like about their cars and what we as the tuner faithful would like to see.

If all goes well at the event; meaning people actually show up with thier NON-HOOPTY modified Starion, colt, DSM, 3000 GT, EVO, Montero, etc.
the R&D guys will then have the capital to do what Mopar, Ford Racing,
GM Performance, Ralliart Japan and Mitsu UK do.

I'll be video taping all of this as well, I encourage any of you to also video tape the meet so I can have as much footage as possible to create the best possible video with everyones footage.
Feel free to pass this along to any Mitsu powered car tuner/owner.
I'll update info as I get it. We look forward to seeing you!

MOD'05 APRIL 23rd,.. Mitsubishi HQ at 6420 W. Katella, Cypress, CA

MOD'05 APRIL 23rd,.. Mitsubishi HQ at 6420 W. Katella, Cypress, CA

-SoCal Rob

MOD'05 Flyer
Click the box for the official MOD'05 Flyer
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