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  Import Tuner Magazine Feature

Import Tuner features our Eclipse VLS!

Eclipse vertical door conversion kitRob Tirillo already had a hot car... his eclipse was dropping jaws at car shows. Then Rob added the Eclipse VLS to his ride as part of beta testing for the VLS kit.

It caught the eye of the producers of 2Fast 2Furious, who were looking for a car that the star Tyrese could bling in. They based the paint design of the car on our Eclipse. Unfortunately we didn't have 12 VLS's to give them for each of the filming cars they had, or you may have seen the VLS in the movie.

Not only did it catch the Hollywood guys eyes, it peaked the interest of the Import Tuner, seeing a ride that is taken care of in every way... and sporting the highly sought after Vertical Door Conversion. In a stroke of luck "High Rev Tuners" Ann Poonkasem maqde it for the photoshoot. You can check out the article at Import Tuner now.

The Eclipse VLS is a direct bolt on vertical door conversion for the Eclipse platform. Lambo Doors have for some time been a holy grail of import mods... always too expensive for most, and definitely impossible to compete with for pure show sleekness.

Import Precision is proud to be bringing this bolt on mod to the import scene at a reasonable price, and even more proud to have one of our vehicle recognized by Import Tuner magazine, the highly respected authority on imports.

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Main Vertical Door Conversion List

We carrys everal different types and styles of vertical door conversions. Check out our list for the latest updates.

Add a Carbon Fiber Hood to your order!

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About DEFT RACING Carbon Fiber Hoods

Our carbon fiber hoods are of the highest quality... no fading, made in the USA! These are NOT cheap imported CF hoods!

  • Our carbon fiber hoods are 100% made in the USA. We do not use foreign labor nor materials in our manufacturing process. The raw materials are sourced locally and we do 100% of our manufacturing in-house.
  • Count on the durability of American made materials.  Our Carbon Fiber hoods do not fade nor turn yellow like other hoods over time.  As a matter of fact, one well-known competitor's hoods made with overseas materials have been known to turn yellow and fade within 4 months!
  • All of our CF hoods are 100% USA MADE DUPONT UV clear coated to protect the finish!

About DEFT RACING Fiber Glass Hoods
Our Fiber Glass hoods are of the highest quality... they ship black gel coated, ready to primer and paint. Why fiberglass? CF is expensive, and if you are painting your hood, FG is a great alternative to lose the CF premium. Weight savings are comprable, and fiberglass hoods have been used for years in drag/ all racing and show applications.

  • Our Fiber Glass hoods are 100% made in the USA. We do not use foreign labor nor materials in our manufacturing process. The raw materials are sourced locally and 100% of the manufacturing is done in-house.
  • We use only durable American made materials. Our Fiber Glass hoods come black gel coated so that you can take it directly to your painter for prepping.
  • All hoods are custom hand made to order. Cancellations are subject to a fee.
  • All hoods include an steel OEM style latch to work with your existing equipment. We always reccomend hoodpins for safety.

aerocatch hood latch Aerocatch Hood Latches

Aerocatch Hood latches
are simply the best hood securing systems for performance cars we have ever seen. More secure, flush to the hood, no big silver rings, and available in a LOCKING model as well!

Your hood comes with a working OEM position latch that works, but some owners like to use the Aerocatch system for peace of mind, especially for road & spirited driving.

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Deft Racing Carbon Fiber Hoods