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Aerocatch Plus Flush Hood Latches
Aerocatch Hood Pins

Aerocatch Plus Flush Hood Latches

Plus Flush Aerocatch latches (reccomended for auto applications)
Trust Deft Racing, the biggest distributor for Aerocatch hood latches in the United States.
We ship latches USPS 2-3 day Priority, usually the same day or next! All latches are in stock!

Aerocatch Plus Flush Hood Latches $85
Aerocatch Hood Pins

Aerocatch Hood Pin Latch System

aerocatch hood pinsThese are absolutely the best looking & well built hood pins / latches we've ever seen.

Normal hood pins have been around for a while and work decently. Many owners hate them because they take away from the flush finish of their aftermarket carbon fiber hood. No longer is that an issue with these new hood pins!

Hood pins add an additional layer of safety for those who drive their cars at high speeds or want daily driving to be completely secure.

These AEROCATCH Hood pins fit FLUSH with the hood minimizing what you see above. The pics don't do this matching system justice, as you can see the mechanism below the hood line in our pictures. It's hard to call these just normal hoods pins when these are a race ready true latching system.

aerocatch hood pinsThey look deceptively big... but trust me... the hardware is HIDDEN beneath the hood for the best show worthy hood pins ever. They will look fantastic next to standard Carbon Fiber, your stock paint color, AND the material they are made from is PAINTABLE! Yes, you can make them blend in almost seamlessly with whatever color you like!

Each kit comes with a template for cutting your hood to fit the pins perfectly!

These pins are SOLID, made of a 50% glass fibre reinforced engineering thermoplastic semi-crystalline material providing performance at high temperatures providing parts which are stiffer, stronger and have better heat distortion stability and chemical resistance. They should be Top Secret!

Install information and more pictures below, or click "Buy Now" to get your price shipped!

AeroCatch Latch Operating Video
(must have Google video player)

AeroCatch - Automotive: Installation & Operating Instructions

Top & Side Mounting Applications
120 Flush Series & 125 Plus Flush Series

aerocatch hood pinsThe following instructions are to help you successfully install and use this unique product. The kit contains 2 AeroCatches and stud strikes, all installation fasteners, rubber bump stops and hood cut-out template.

Before starting please familiarize yourself with the AeroCatch. If you have the locking version make sure that it is unlocked - this is when the key opening is in line with the main axis of the AeroCatch. Depress the crescent shaped secondary lock button and the handle will pop open by about 10° (the latch mechanism is still securely locked at this point), this is called free travel and allows you to get hold of the handle and open the latch - this action pulls the shear pin clear of the stud strike. To close the latch push the handle down until it engages the secondary lock button.

Aerocatch Top Mounting with the 120 Plus Flush Series and 125 Flush Series AeroCatch
Once you have unpacked your AeroCatch kit you have two options in marking out the panel cut-out. Either use the packaging cut-outs that the latches sit in as a template, or use the dimensions shown on the installation drawings enclosed.

Please note that the cut-outs are different for the two styles. The packaging cut-outs are sized for the 120 Plus Flush Series, if you are using the 125 Flush Series then you will need to draw a line that sits inside the cut-out by 0.4 mm.

Lay the cardboard packaging sheet out flat, you will see two sets of cross hairs on the perimeter of the cut out, these determine the center of the stud strike for the AeroCatch.

aerocatch hood pins

Check that there is sufficient room below the hood line and that it is not in an area with an excessive radius (sometimes the effect of the radius can be reduced by angling the AeroCatch relative to the axis of the car). Place the template onto the hood with the narrow end facing towards the front of the car. Using a straight edge or similar line up the cross hairs onto the center of the proposed stud strike position on the hood, this will give you the correct position of the AeroCatch cut-out.

Now mark around the cut-out, remove the template and cut as required, if you are fitting the 125 Flush Series remember to draw a line 0.4 mm inside the template. Place the AeroCatch in position and mark the fixing holes. Alternatively use the dimensions on the installation drawings using the position of the stud strike as the datum point.

When setting up the AeroCatch aim to have the stud at right angles to the housing however there is a ± 5° tolerance to allow for any misalignment.

aerocatch hood pins

AeroCatch will take up a small radius on the hood but you may wish to fare around it with silicone in tighter radius areas. Do not distort the housing when fixing, as this will adversely affect its operation and performance.

The 125 Flush Series is designed to give a flush finish in panels up to 2.5 mm in thickness. When using thinner panels it will be necessary to pack it out accordingly. It is not recommended fixing the latch with countersunk bolts, as the pull through resistance will be low, flange head button screws are provided which have a small protrusion on the hood. Alternatively the AeroCatch can be fastened from below the hood either with weld studs or by laying up with a suitable composite material for the application.

Aerocatch Side Mounting
This mounting method is unique to the AeroCatch.

The same stud is used as for top mounting but it enters the side of the latch enabling panels to be slid onto the mating structure. The same method is used for marking out as for the top mounted system.

It is important that the stud and AeroCatch axis are at right angles to ensure smooth operation. Setting up and operation is the same as for top mounting.

aerocatch hood pins

Aerocatch Optional Sight Window
The underside of the handle is marked with a suggested cut-out for a sight window that enables you to see that the AeroCatch has engaged the strike stud. This can be drilled and filed out.

Aerocatch Setting up and Operation of AeroCatch
It is important when setting up the AeroCatch to ensure it sits firmly on the rubber bump stops supplied. These are cut to length and slid over the stud strikes. You should install the stud strike to a position such that you need to put a little pressure on the hood when closing it so that the load is kept on the bump stops. When setting up the AeroCatch the shear pin needs to engage the slot in the stud, adjust the stud so that the shear pin engages at the top of the slot and slightly compresses the bump stops to ensure a snug fit. The bump stops are supplied 40 mm long and can be cut down as required. Any existing panel stops should be adjusted accordingly.

When adjusting the studs to get the correct fit you can see the engagement of the shear pin in the stud by opening the latch to the free travel position.

Once set up operation of the AeroCatch is simple, push the crescent shaped button, the handle pops up, pull the handle back and the latch opens. The open handle gives a visual indication that the AeroCatch is undone and in many cases can be seen by the driver. To close the latch just push the handle down until it engages with the secondary lock button, an audible click can be heard as it locks.

Aerocatch Retrofit
AeroCatch can be retrofitted onto existing stud strikes, providing they fit into the aperture.

The stud strike that protrudes through the hood will need to be lowered approximately 20 mm from its front position. With conventional hood pins, and you need to check that there is sufficient clearance below the hood line to accommodate the housing. If the existing position does not allow this or is on a radius move the mounting position accordingly. When setting up the AeroCatch aim to have the stud at right angles to the housing however there is a ± 5° tolerance to allow for any misalignment.

They should be Top Secret!

Aerocatch Latch Dimensions

All Dimensions in millimeters. Please note the drawing below details dimensions for the PLUS FLUSH and FLUSH versions of the AeroCatch. Also, please note that either version is available with or without the key-lock feature. The drawings are for dimensional purposes only.

Aerocatch Plus Flush Latch Dimensions


Carbon Fiber Hoods

Carbon Fiber Hoods Carbon Fiber Hoods

All our Carbon Fiber hoods are made with GRADE A Carbon fiber for the best finish possible and FG reinforced for strength and rigidity. We use 4 layers of clear GEL COAT on all our CF hoods! All of our CF hoods are 100% MADE in the USA!

Click to see our full line of carbon fiber hoods.

Color Carbon Fiber Hoods Color Carbon Fiber Hoods Available

Our carbon fiber hoods are available in several different colors besides the standard original Black/Grey weave Carbon Fiber.
Color Carbon Hoods are CUSTOM orders. Contact Us to order.

Click for Color Carbon Fiber Pictures!

Color Carbon Fiber Color Carbon Fiber Color Carbon Fiber Color Carbon Fiber Color Carbon Fiber
Black Grey
Black Grey
  Color Carbon Fiber Color Carbon Fiber Color Carbon Fiber Color Carbon Fiber
  Blue / Black Avus Blue Royal Blue Yellow/

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About DEFT RACING Carbon Fiber Hoods

Our carbon fiber hoods are of the highest quality... no fading, made in the USA! These are NOT cheap imported CF hoods!

  • Our carbon fiber hoods are 100% made in the USA. We do not use foreign labor nor materials in our manufacturing process. The raw materials are sourced locally and we do 100% of our manufacturing in-house.
  • Count on the durability of American made materials.  Our Carbon Fiber hoods do not fade nor turn yellow like other hoods over time.  As a matter of fact, one well-known competitor's hoods made with overseas materials have been known to turn yellow and fade within 4 months!
  • All of our CF hoods are 100% USA MADE DUPONT UV clear coated to protect the finish!

About DEFT RACING Fiber Glass Hoods
Our Fiber Glass hoods are of the highest quality... they ship black gel coated, ready to primer and paint. Why fiberglass? CF is expensive, and if you are painting your hood, FG is a great alternative to lose the CF premium. Weight savings are comprable, and fiberglass hoods have been used for years in drag/ all racing and show applications.

  • Our Fiber Glass hoods are 100% made in the USA. We do not use foreign labor nor materials in our manufacturing process. The raw materials are sourced locally and 100% of the manufacturing is done in-house.
  • We use only durable American made materials. Our Fiber Glass hoods come black gel coated so that you can take it directly to your painter for prepping.
  • All hoods are custom hand made to order. Cancellations are subject to a fee.
  • All hoods include an steel OEM style latch to work with your existing equipment. We always reccomend hoodpins for safety.

Deft Racing Carbon Fiber Hoods