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Convertible Light Bars
Classic Light Bars

Our custom made Light bar (roll bar style) from Classic Design Concepts, makers of the Saleen Mustang Light Bar. These light bars have an integrated

Click the links to check out pictures are pricing:

- Ford Mustang light bar

2007 Ford Mustang Light Bar
2006 Ford Mustang Light Bar
2005 Ford Mustang Light Bar
2004 Ford Mustang Light Bar
2003 Ford Mustang Light Bar
2002 Ford Mustang Light Bar
2001 Ford Mustang Light Bar
2000 Ford Mustang Light Bar
1999 Ford Mustang Light Bar
1998 Ford Mustang Light Bar
1997 Ford Mustang Light Bar
1996 Ford Mustang Light Bar
1995 Ford Mustang Light Bar
1994 Ford Mustang Light Bar

Thank You Sponsors!
We use their products on our show cars, & appreciate their support.

Click our sponsors list to find out about their products, where to buy them, pictures, install tips, & how we used them on our Deft Racing show cars!
toyota fj after market hoods
n DEFT FJ Offroad Spectre hood

Our NEW FJ vented hood is as aggressive as it gets! We added 7 BAJA style vents on each side, and widened the OEM fake vent to 30" and made it fully functional! Then we created a mounting kit to integrate a 30" Single row Offroad LED bar right into the vent space! More info!
carbon fiber hoods
DEFT Carbon Fiber Hoods

We fabricate our own line of hand made carbon fiber and carbon kevlar hoods and offer them WHOLESALE DIRECT from our site!

Save by buying them direct... you won't believe the prices!
Color Carbon Fiber Hoods

Most of our Deft Hoods are available in several different custom carbon fiber colors besides the original Black/Grey.

Color Carbon Hoods are always CUSTOM made to order to the customers color choice.
seibon carbon fiber hood

Seibon Carbon Fiber Hoods
Seibon Carbon Hood Scoops
Seibon Carbon Fiber trunks
Seibon Carbon Fiber fenders
Seibon Carbon side skirts
Seibon Carbon Fiber lips
Seibon Carbon Fiber eyebrows
Seibon Carbon Cooling plates
Seibon Carbon Fiber doors
Seibon Carbon Fiber grilles
Seibon Carbon Fiber spoilers

vis carbon fiber hood
VIS Carbon Fiber Hoods
VIS Carbon Fiber Lips
VIS Carbon Fiber Mirrors
VIS Carbon Fiber Roofs
VIS Carbon Fiber Trunks

We are now offering FREE SHIPPING on all VIS VIS Carbon Fiber Hoods for a limited time!
classic design concepts mustang
Classic Design Mustang Parts

Mustang Classic Design parts are in stock and ready to ship.. check out the very popluar Saleen Mustang Light bar or any of the other amazing parts to trick out your Mustang, Cobra, Saleen, Mach 1 or other!
Click for the complete CDC line!
aerocatch hood pins
AEROCATCH hood latches
are quite simply the best looking & well built hood latches we've ever seen. Also paintable!

Vastly more aerodynamic than standard old style hood pins, these latches sit flush & come in a lockable version to protect whats under your hood!

NEW Aerocatch Carbon Fiber Style Latches now available!
vertical door conversion
Vertical Door Conversions

vertical Door Conversions take your ride over the top at any car show. We are the ONLY company to carry the VLS direct, Diablo, and bolt on vertical door sets. Check out the lambo doors list for your car!
Boss Frog Miata Parts
Boss Frog Miata Parts

Deft Racing carries all Boss Frog Miata roll bars, Miata bracing, Miata exhaust, & accessories!

Click for Boss Frog Miata Parts!
Our Prosport gauges are LED backed and are capable of changing colors by switch or your headlights. WIDEBAND A/F Ratio gauge now available!

Prosport Gauges

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Formula D Drift Championship, Long Beach California!
Formula D was in town and we took some pics to share with you.. check em out! Formula D Drift Pictures
Presenting MOD '05, Mitsubishi Owners Day, Socal
DeftRacing is excited to annouce what will likely be the biggest Mitsu event that Socal has ever seen, & we have been chosen as The official information site... MOD'05!
DEFT RACING Takes Top Honors
We're proud to have our sponsored driver Jojo's GTO VLS take Best Mitsu at the SEMA International Auto Salon Los Angeles! We are happy to be a part of the success!
IP's RX7 on the cover of HCI
Congratulations to Jay Laub and his RX7 featuring The Import Precision VLS as the February cover car for (HCI) Hot Compact and Imports Magazine!
Import Tuner features our GTO
DEFT RACING is proud to see our sponsored driver Jojo and his incredible GTO get a huge 6 page feature in the July issue of Import Tuner Magazine!
Kaze-Aero selects VLS for their show cars
Kaze chose the VLS for their 3000GT show cars to bring attention to their new body kits unveiled at this years
Tokyo International Auto Salon!
Eclipse BETA VLS making waves...
in Newsweek, the silver screen as the model for Tyrese's Eclipse in 2Fast 2Furious, & now featured in a huge feature in eclipse Import Tuner magazine!

Eru's '99 3KGT VLS Hawaii, USA
Eric's '92 Stealth VLS California, USA
Lev's '95 GTO VLS Tokyo, Japan
2 KAZE GTO's VLS Tokyo, Japan
Eric M's Stealth VLS Florida, USA
Robert M's '92 VR4 VLS California, USA
Chad B's '95 3KGT VLS Florida, USA
Jeff D's '94 Stealth RT/TT VLS Ontario, Canada
Shawn N's '94 Stealth TT VLS South Carolina, USA
Lindsay's Spyder VLS California, USA
Frost's '93 3KGT VR4 VLS Panama City
Joe W's Stealth VLS New York, USA
Tommy Le's '98 3KGT VLS Texas, USA
Al I's 2nd Gen 3KGT VLS Georgia, USA
3S East Coast Meet '04 Maryland, USA
Greg's 93 Stealth RT VLS Missouri, USA
Tommy D's '94 Stealth Louisiana, USA
Gabber's '92 VR4 VLS California, USA
Bill's '95 3KGT Spyder VLS California, USA
Mitchell B's '94 Stealth TT Wisconsin, USA

 Color Carbon Fiber Hoods Available!

Our carbon fiber hoods are available in several different colors besides the standard original Black/Grey weave Carbon Fiber.
Color Carbon Hoods are CUSTOM orders. Email us to order custom colors!

Click for Color Carbon Fiber Pictures!
Color Carbon Fiber Color Carbon Fiber Color Carbon Fiber Color Carbon Fiber Color Carbon Fiber
Black Grey
Black Grey
  Color Carbon Fiber Color Carbon Fiber Color Carbon Fiber Color Carbon Fiber
  Blue / Black Avus Blue Royal Blue Yellow/

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